Process Training


Beijing huideyi company has always been to improve the national health and pharmaceutical industry technology level as its own responsibility, is a leading biopharmaceutical, natural products, chemical drugs separation, purification, analysis of consumables and equipment suppliers! Since its establishment in 2004, the company has gradually entered the field of research and development, application and promotion of chromatography equipment, especially the third generation Quiksep series equipment launched in 2010, which is recognized by the majority of customers for its powerful functions and stable performance!

According to the purification requirements of the customer, separate the samples provided by the customer with our system and filler, and train the customer to use our purification system. And according to the requirements of the customer from small test to amplification of the whole process of purification services, according to the requirements of the process combined with product characteristics for the customer customized applicable process and system.

The main services include:

1. For the process development service purchased by the customer, after the completion of the project, train the delivered process, so that you can understand the key points and difficulties of the whole process.

2. As the general agent of ChromaCon in China, Beijing huideyi regularly holds continuous stream technology training to bring you the most cutting-edge separation and purification technology. So far, several training courses have been successfully held.

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