Autumn Beijing 2019 huide chromatography new technology seminar




On the afternoon of September 20, 2019, the "new chromatography technology seminar and new product release conference" sponsored by Beijing huideyi technology co., LTD was held in the conference center of zhongguancun life science park. Many pharmaceutical companies and guests from the park came to the conference. Together witnessed the release of QuikSep A1 chromatography system, a new product of huideyi technology. Secretary-general liu from China pharmaceutical enterprise development and promotion association delivered a speech on the spot, expressing his ardent expectation for the development of independent equipment in the biomedical industry. A variety of models of prototype were shown in the meeting place and the operation was demonstrated. The development status and trend of new chromatography technology were discussed with the experts.

The new product launch conference ended in the sound of discussion and warm applause. The on-site technical experts showed strong interest in the new product released this time, hoping that hui DE yi could continuously launch more hard core products to the market and promote the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry.

Huang zong expresses finally, new starting point, new journey! We will do a better job in controlling the product service and quality of huidaiyi in the future, keep improving and remaking with ingenuity, and strive to create a perfect product production system!




Pay attention to hui deyi, Thanksgiving you, hand in hand, win-win future!

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