Thanksgiving great benefit, full fall -- you buy me to send!


H&E for many years is committed to serving biopharmaceutical and scientific research institutions, for your research and production needs. In the teacher's day, Mid-Autumn festival and National Day approaching, special launch Thanksgiving back to old customers of large promotional activities!

Purchase amount over 10000 yuan, 100 yuan return jd gift card

Purchase amount over 20,000 yuan, return 300 yuan jd gift card

If the purchase amount is over 50,000 yuan, 1,000 yuan of jd gift card will be returned


Those who buy glass chromatography columns of QuikSep brand and import Omnifit brand glass chromatography columns;

Purchase 1, return 100 yuan jd gift card

Purchase 2, return 300 yuan jd gift card

Purchase 3, return 500 yuan jd gift card


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