Beijing 2019 huide chromatography new technology seminar & QuikSep A1 automatic chromatography n


As a national key pillar industry of innovation driven and transformation and upgrading in China's economy, the pharmaceutical industry, with the rapid development of domestic biopharmaceutical field, has increasingly high requirements on downstream purification process and equipment, and users urgently need sanitary, efficient, economical and convenient purification equipment and consumables.

As a leading tomographic equipment manufacturer and consumable supplier in China, we are the agent of TOSOH, FUJI, DOW and other world famous packing brands, and independently produce QuikSep series tomographic system and column. In order to let customers have the opportunity to understand international and domestic chromatography, chromatography medium equipment, as well as the new continuous flow tomography technology development present situation, the key points of technology development, how to smooth realization process from small to production, how to conform to the requirements of the GMP, realize the shift from single column chromatography to continuous flow tomography etc. The emphasis and difficulty in the general biological pharmaceutical customers care about, we invite the professional chromatography packing and equipment for a common universal concern of the answers to the following users:

● different types of substrate filler physical and chemical properties of the difference?

The effect of packing particle size and pore diameter on the separation effect?

● technical characteristics and advantages of continuous flow chromatography, how to change from single column chromatography to continuous flow chromatography?

● how to use multistep chromatography to purify the target product?

● natural products, monoclonal antibodies and other components of the chromatography packing selection and process development?

At present, technological innovation has become the main driving force for the development of global biomedical industry. Under the condition of AI technology, scene driving features are obvious, and customized services can be provided according to different scenarios and different service objects in the vertical domain. In order to help promote the development of biological research, based on 15 years of experience in the separation and purification industry, Beijing huideyi perfectly combined digital technology and biotechnology, and independently developed and manufactured a highly automated QuikSep A1 automatic chromatography system at the beginning of the year.

QuikSep A1 automatic chromatography system is specially designed for the development and preparation of the purification process of biological products at the laboratory level. The core parts are imported parts with stable and reliable performance. High degree of automation, can carry out intensive program method exploration, software function is powerful, hardware support a variety of specifications chromatography column, multiple solvents and samples. The system adopts modular, functional and intelligent design to facilitate customers to choose the most suitable configuration according to their actual needs.


Beijing huedeyi focuses on the separation and purification field for more than 10 years, can provide customers from small test, medium test to production of the overall solution, is a collection of equipment independent research and development, production, sales, service in one integrated company. In 2019, through capital increase and reorganization, artificial intelligence research and development team will be introduced to perfectly combine digital technology and biotechnology, and strive to build world-class products. At the same time, the hui DE yi new factory located in changsha gold pioneer park has been officially opened, realizing the whole industry layout of products from design to production. Hui deyi will gradually introduce AI technology to boost the progress of biopharmaceutical towards artificial intelligence.


Huedeyi sincerely invites you to visit zhongguancun international conference center of life science park on the afternoon of September 20, 2019 to attend the "2019 huedeyi chromatography new technology seminar and new product release conference". The purpose of this conference is to promote the technical exchange among China's biopharmaceutical engineering enterprises, instrument institutions, schools and research institutes, and to promote the technical innovation of China's biopharmaceutical engineering.

Meeting time: the afternoon of September 20, 2019

Main agenda:

13:30 ~ 14:00 check in

Introduction to chromatography equipment and continuous flow chromatography technology

15:00 ~ 15:30 QuikSep A1 chromatography system operation demonstration, a new product of huedeyi scientific research

15:30 ~ 16:00 tea break

Introduction of resin, packing and selection

Past review:


Conference venue:

International conference center of zhongguancun life science park


1. Each participant will receive an exquisite gift;

2. Various models of prototypes will be displayed in the venue, and interested customers can apply for trial;

3. According to the project needs of the customer, you can apply for free stuffing sample trial.

Hui deyi looks forward to meeting with you in Beijing!

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