Process Service

H&E with more than ten years of separation and purification experience, familiar with the performance of various fillers and resins. With the establishment of xi 'an application laboratory in 2018, it can respond to customers' needs faster and develop the most suitable production process for you. Our business covers natural products, peptides, biochemical samples and other aspects, as well as special process development services for impurity separation (enrichment).

At the same time, we can also provide column loading services. Help in small molecule drug analysis and preparation, huide easy to trust!


Service scope:

1. Optimize the existing process to improve your purity and yield, and further save costs.

2. New process development. We are familiar with the properties of various types of fillers and resins, aiming to customize the most suitable process for you to assist your drug development and production.

3. Provide separation services for chemical drug impurities and provide qualitative analysis.

4. Can provide various types of packing, various sizes of column loading service.

5. We have the equipment from small trial to production for customers to choose and try, is your one-stop service platform.


   Natural products

·  Purification of tea polyphenols

·  The invention relates to a purification process of fermentation source polypeptide

   Biological sample

· purification process of natriparin calcium

· purification process of eight factors

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