Dow chemical (rohm haas) is the inventor of ion exchange resin, known for leading the industry in technology. It is also the world's largest ion-exchange resin manufacturer, providing quality products and services to customers in more than 100 countries and regions.
DOW Chromatographic Packing
DOW Chromatographic Packing
Dow XAD series macroporous adsorption resin is divided into non-polar resin, weak polar resin and polar resin, respectively is based on styrene-divinylbenzene, acrylic acid and phenolic as the substrate, according to the polarity of the sample, in the field of medicine and natural products have a wide range of applications. Dow's ion exchange resin has two main categories, Amberlite FPC cationic exchange resin and Amberlite FPA cationic exchange resin, with decolorization and desalination functions. DOWEX fine spherical ion exchange resin has received more and more researchers' attention in recent years. It provides a rich selection of fine products for fine separation and application of chemicals and drugs. Currently, dow can provide 6 kinds of fine cathode and cation exchange resin with different mesh Numbers.
DOW Chromatographic Packing Data
DOW Chromatographic Packing Product categories
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