Founded in 1979, nomura chemical has mastered the unique technology and process of the whole production process from silica gel to chromatography, ensuring the superior quality of Develosil brand chromatographic column, and is one of the leading chromatographic column manufacturers in the world. Especially its patented product C30 column, with unique performance, widely welcomed by pharmaceutical companies.
Develosil 色譜柱
Develosil 色譜柱
Develosil高效液相色譜柱以硅膠為基質,色譜柱種類包括反相、正相、尺寸排阻等分離模式。Develosil C30色譜柱具有獨特的性能,不僅適合于糖、核苷等極性化合物,而且同樣適用于維生素E、類胡蘿卜素等脂溶性成分。Develosil C18色譜柱主要包括5種類型,分別為ODS-UG、ODS-HG、ODS-MG、ODS-SR和PAHS,分別適用于不同的色譜條件。Develosil 正相色譜柱包括硅膠柱、氨基柱和HILIC柱等。您可以根據自己樣品的需求,選擇適合分離的色譜柱。
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