TOSOH is specialized is engaged in the chromatography chromatography product supplier in the world, one of the production and packing of chromatographic column is widely used in protein, polypeptide and polysaccharide, chitosan and DNA, oligonucleotide, antibiotics, synthetic polymer, natural products, and other small molecular weight compounds in the work of analysis, separation and purification of its most famous product is TSK - GEL chromatography column and its TOYOPEARL packing. Tsk-gel and TOYOPEARL products are known for their high pressure resistance, physical and chemical stability, long service life, and excellent performance in separation and purification. Since its launch in the 1970s, the product has been well received, trusted and loved by the majority of users, and enjoys a high reputation in the fields of biopharmaceutical and biotechnology.
TOSOH Chromatographic Column
TOSOH Chromatographic Column
Tsk-gel high performance liquid chromatographic column is based on silica gel and polymer, and its size ranges from 2 μ m to 30 μ M. Column types include reversed phase, normal phase, size exclusion, ion, ion exchange, hydrophobic, affinity and other separation modes. Especially for the separation of proteins, peptides and monoclonal antibodies, tskgel SW column of Dongcao is the industry standard for size exclusion analysis of biomolecules.
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TOSOH 正相色譜柱配件
TOSOH 親和色譜柱配件
TOSOH 尺寸排阻色譜柱配件
TOSOH 反相色譜柱(C18)配件
TOSOH Chromatographic Packing
TOSOH Chromatographic Packing
Toyopharl chromatographic separation packing is based on methacrylic acid polymer, which is used for large-scale separation and preparation. The polymer skeleton is hard and has better pressure flow characteristics than other products on the market. Therefore, the linear flow rate can be increased, the preparation time can be accelerated and the cycle time can be reduced. Tsk-gel high-pressure chromatographic separation and purification packing includes ion exchange and hydrophobic separation modes; toyopharl medium and low-pressure chromatographic separation and purification packing includes size exclusion, ion exchange, hydrophobic, affinity and other separation modes. The analysis results of tskgel pre column with the same chemical group can be used to predict the possibility of large-scale amplification of toyoperarl packing. This allows us to seamlessly enlarge the method developed by tskgel column to the large-scale separation and purification of toyoperarl packing.
TOSOH Chromatographic Packing Data
TOSOH Chromatographic PackingProduct categories
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