Dow chemical (rohm haas) is the inventor of ion exchange resin, known for leading the industry in technology. It is also the world's largest ion-exchange resin manufacturer, providing quality products and services to customers in more than 100 countries and regions.
TOSOH is specialized is engaged in the chromatography chromatography product supplier in the world, one of the production and packing of chromatographic column is widely used in protein, polypeptide and polysaccharide, chitosan and DNA, oligonucleotide, antibiotics, synthetic polymer, natural products, and other small molecular weight compounds in the work of analysis, separation and purification of its most famous product is TSK - GEL chromatography column and its TOYOPEARL packing. Tsk-gel and TOYOPEARL products are known for their high pressure resistance, physical and chemical stability, long service life, and excellent performance in separation and purification. Since its launch in the 1970s, the product has been well received, trusted and loved by the majority of users, and enjoys a high reputation in the fields of biopharmaceutical and biotechnology.
Fuji is a leading professional silicone filler manufacturer with a long history of more than 70 years. The development and production of silicon products has always been its core business, but also accumulated rich experience, is a true expert in silicification. It has an extensive manufacturing and industrial customer base in mainland China. Fuji products play an important role in the research and production of natural drugs, synthetic drugs and genetic engineering drugs. At present, it is one of the most widely used high performance fillers for API purification in China.
ChromaCon, based in Zurich, Switzerland, is a company dedicated to the development of chromatography equipment and technology. As the agent of Swiss ChromaCon company in China, Beijing huideyi set up Contichrom continuous flow technology training center in China in the national engineering center of life science park in changping district, Beijing, and introduced the most cutting-edge continuous flow technology in the world to the majority of customers.
Waters company is the world's largest professional manufacturer of liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry and related products, with the most powerful research institutions and the world's largest column production plant, is the only professional manufacturer simultaneously producing liquid chromatography instruments, chemicals and data processing system three major liquid chromatography elements. The company fully understands the user's needs, long-term commitment to the development of liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry technology, more than 40 years in the field of liquid chromatography has made brilliant achievements. Waters was one of the first companies in the United States to be certified by ISO9000, as well as the first analytical instrument company to be certified by FDA.
Quiksep is the private brand of Beijing H&E Co., Ltd. The series of products are: Quiksep A1 desktop automatic chromatography system, Quiksep EC manual chromatography column, Quiksep SC/SF simple chromatography \ ultrafiltration system, Quiksep Prep production automatic chromatography system and Quiksep AC automatic chromatography column. The purpose is to provide customers with quality and inexpensive products and a full range of services.
德國Merck company, as the first company to enter the research and production of chromatography, has experienced a full century of development in the field of chromatography. Today, Merck has become the world's largest manufacturer of silica gel for chromatography, the market leader in TLC, and the pioneer in the field of high performance liquid chromatography with Chromolith integrated chromatography. Its main products include chromatographic columns (analytical columns, semi-preparative columns and preparative columns), chromatographic fillers and TLC plates. After the merger of Merck and millimo, the original chromatographic column of millimo was added to provide a complete product line and strong innovation capability for global life science users. It is a world-class partner in the life science industry.
Founded in 1979, nomura chemical has mastered the unique technology and process of the whole production process from silica gel to chromatography, ensuring the superior quality of Develosil brand chromatographic column, and is one of the leading chromatographic column manufacturers in the world. Especially its patented product C30 column, with unique performance, widely welcomed by pharmaceutical companies.
one of Japan's representative large comprehensive chemical enterprise, its branches under Shodex liquid chromatographic analysis of the related products with 35 years of glorious history, the Shodex chromatographic column in the current in the chromatographic analysis technology to the field has a 50% market share, has been widely applied in life science, food and environmental protection, petrochemical, agricultural and other different fields of science. Shodex has a wide range of products, from pre-treatment column, separation column, to high performance liquid chromatography related instruments and other products according to customers' analysis requirements.
Ge medical biosciences, inc. was formerly amathea biotechnology. It is one of the world's leading biotechnology products companies. Its aim is to provide advanced technologies, instruments and reagents for researchers engaged in research and production in the field of life sciences to effectively speed up the whole development process from genes to drug production. GE Healthcare's products include molecular biology reagents, electrophoresis instruments, chromatography equipment, chromatography media, membrane separation, spectrophotometer, etc., covering the whole process from upstream molecular biology to downstream biological macromolecules separation and purification. GE Healthcare products enjoy a high reputation among users. Its advanced technology, complete variety, excellent quality and considerate service have won the favor of many users.
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